Should Marijuana and Cocaine Be Legal?

Should Marijuana and Cocaine Be Legal?

Posted by on May 11, 2014 in The Criminal Element |

The question of whether or not illegal drugs like cocaine and marijuana should be legal, I believe, is a false one.

I think that prior to asking the question of whether or not these drugs should be legalized, we should be asking if it would be a moral undertaking in the first place. There are a number of other questions that should be asked prior to unleashing the beast of drugs like heroin and crack cocaine as a publicly available and legal recreational drug much like beer and alcohol.

Other Questions I Think We Should Be Asking Prior Any Consideration of legalizing illicit drugs are listed below.

  • How will we handle school children using crack and heroin?
  • Will we lower prosecution and criminal penalties for street dealers once legalized?
  • Will a person be able to purchase cocaine for the corner store?
  • Is the savings that will be accumulated from not housing as many prisoners as a result of drug legalization be worth it?
  • Will legalization of substances like meth and cocaine cause street prices to go up? If so, will there be in an increase in burglaries, bank robberies, and aggravated robbery cases?
  • What will be the long term effects on the normalization of these dangerous drugs in the public psyche?
  • Once legalized, do we free all prisoners convicted of drug crimes that are no longer illegal?

These are only a few of the questions circulating in my mind on this issue. I believe these questions, along with others like them, should be swirling in the minds of anyone who happens to give brain time to this conversation, issue, and movement. Personally, I think its a bad idea laden with well place assumptions and good conservative meaning, but no. Hell no.