Using Your Head When Doing Business

Using Your Head When Doing Business

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Most business owners don’t use the brains god gave them when it comes to doing business. I know, I know, the question of what I may be referring to may come to mind and that’s exactly what we’re going to get into. A friend of mine got in touch with me bragging about how he replied to some email a customer sent him in which he (my friend) felt the potential client was out of line with him.bad-review

In short, my friend declined to provide some financial information via an email, and the potential client became upset and decided not to use my friend’s business’s services.

A nasty email exchange ensued.

My friend “won” (lol) the exchange.

The Point I Made

I warned my friend to be more tolerant with how he deals with people, because unfortunately this may end up a bad review. Bad reviews of your business online can, in some cases, cost business and lose potential new clients.

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Why You Should Have A Toll Free 800 Number

Why You Should Have A Toll Free 800 Number

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There are a number of reasons for having a toll free 1800 number for your business including making it easier and more convenient for customers to contact you, as well being able to operate a virtual phone system that you could, in theory, administrate from your cell phone.

Perfect For Small Business Owners

The virtual phone system that we’re referring to comes complete with a toll free 1800 number which costs less than 15$ to set up, and I believe you also get 500 minutes per month for around 10-20$.Toll Free Phone numbers

Get To “up” The Presentation of Your Business

Having a toll-free 800# tells your customers you are in business, well established, and ready to resolve whatever problem they may have. Also, having a toll free number, or any phone number for that matter, equates to instant credibility for any website online, mainly business sites.

Some of the most attractive features of 800 numbers are those of call tracking, detailed call reports that can be accessed, call forwarding, the ability to hold conference calls and voice mail. One of the favorite and most used features of 800 numbers is the call-forwarding feature. This allows calls that come in to a business to be forwarded to a personal home phone number or a cell phone number. This gives clients the ability to get a hold of someone any time of day, and also allows the owner of a business or a corporate manager to keep their personal phone number private. Source

Before you make another move, look into getting a toll free phone number for your business, you won’t be sorry.

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