High-Profile Cases Justify Hiring Private Investigators

High-Profile Cases Justify Hiring Private Investigators

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Capital crimes, such as murder and other serious charges, call for the expertise of top-notch investigative teams.

Let us face it: Putting the crime into the competent hands of private investigative teams assures the client that the truth is undoubtedly, forthcoming.

The following text is devoted to why the Private Investigator is integral in the way of quick and efficient results with regard to evidence and other factual considerations.

From the beginning, the criminal attorney knows he requires a criminal investigator.

Benefits of Hiring a Detective

The following reasons are primary benefits of hiring a criminal private investigator:

The criminal investigator is going to operate within the confines of the law. This is to say: he has nothing to gain, in not doing so. He remains an objective third-party, which is the best type of investigative professional—when it comes to investigating serious charges.

Private Eyes Assist Law Enforcement

Secondly, law enforcement professionals, within the community, have “a lot on their plate.”

Yes: they do a good job when it comes to investigations—however, the private investigator is solely dedicated to his client—providing the attorney and his client with a great deal more control as to the investigation. Gradoni & Associates, a Houston based private investigation firm, can attest to the strenuous nature of police investigations; they’ve got too many of them. Thus, the professional, licensed private investigator, is often in high demand.

The private criminal investigator is able to handily gather evidentiary information as it pertains to a wrongful conviction or an accusation that is less than precise.

Some Criminal Investigation Divisions, that serve the public, are, frankly, short on resources. When that matter crops up, it is correct to state, the proper focus is not achieved with respect to the case—at hand—especially when funds and proper resources are lacking.

The criminal private investigator, who is truly committed to the client’s case, is very persistent. John McMahon & Associates, LLC is another well known and respect private investigation firm that can attest to this. The preceding characteristic of persistent behavior lends nicely to the investigation and provides the client with the best, optimum results.

Another favorable aspect is that the private criminal investigator is not limited as to the jurisdiction: he can easily travel, freely about, gathering all of the information necessary, in way of solving the investigation.

Here, too, are some other considerations the criminal attorney may wish to make note:

It is correct to state that a crime is an action, of misconduct, that is intentional, by nature.

The high profile case, too, goes against the grain of the community, as it pertains to the law.

A trial wherein, punishment of the supposed perpetrator is pursued by the government is very different than a simple civil trial, wherein, the parties are merely in debate with regard to their respective rights.

Criminal actions, then, in the form of serious assault, murder, thievery, damage to property and acts of vandalism are best investigated by professional investigators. The private criminal investigator gathers the evidence, necessary, in order that charges can be brought forth; and/or evidence, properly supplied.

In conclusion, not hiring the services of a private criminal investigator—as it pertains to the most serious of charges—is very much like rowing upstream without a paddle. The wise legal professional and his respective client know that attaining the services of a private criminal investigator is a “given.”

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Brazoria Criminal Defense for Sexual Crimes

Brazoria Criminal Defense for Sexual Crimes

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Unfortunately there isn’t a death penalty for sex crimes in Texas, but the punishment is quite severe if the defendant is convicted of such an offense in the court of law.

The severity of the criminal penalty largely depends on the age of victim, and whether there were additional factors along with the crime. Aside from stalking, sex crimes are serious felony offenses carry a number of years in prison for the convicted. This is especially true when it comes to children. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime in Brazoria, you’ll need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer for the best chance at winning your case.

Understanding the Allegations

If you’re charged with sexual assault or another crime that may be deemed sexual in nature, you may feel that you will be found guilty before even appearing in court.

Being accused of a sex crime is enough to threaten your marital solidarity, career, family stability, and standing among your friends and esteem members of your community.

This is the reason it is important to have a sharp Brazoria criminal defense lawyer on your side to protect your name, and your freedom. It’s recommended that any man or woman who are facing the threat of prosecution for a sex crime shouldn’t waste time and get legal help as soon as possible.

If your attorney has a firm understanding of forensic science, like Tad A. Nelson, you’ll have a stronger chance of winning in court that if you decided to work with an inexperience lawyer.

What are The Accuser’s motivations?

Allegations of a sex crime are usually based on the word of accuser making the motivation of accuser relevant to the defense. A prudent investigation and physiological experts can find facts that can be beneficial for your defense.

  • Some may make false charges to cover for consensual sex so that they can protect their reputation, or to hide sexual encounters from family.
  • A parent may accuse you of inappropriate behavior in order to gain some advantage in court. There might be a hidden motive, or maybe parent want to get divorce and at the same time get child custody.
  • If someone wants to extort money from you, then he or she may alleged that you’ve sexual assault them. Celebrities are usually targeted by this type of extortion, ie., Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby.

Suppressing Evidence During Trial

If there were some indecent photographs, files, or some other sort of record recovered from you, they will be subject to the restrictions of the 4th Amendment’s protection against unlawful searches and seizures. Evidence that has been obtained through illegal means can’t be used against you. In sex crimes, circumstances can be limited and evidence can be suppressed. Evidence suppression can be used as an effective tool when in the hands of a capable expert criminal lawyer.

Brazoria Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are many “self-proclaimed” aggressive lawyers, but when it comes to the actual situation they can’t tackle points put forward by prosecutors. A good sexual assault defense lawyer will take a serious look into your case from all the perspectives and then analyze evidence. Following rules, procedures, and looking into points that prosecutors put forth as  arguments is extremely important. Your case should not only be looked from a single perspective, but all the areas should be covered, and a Brazoria criminal defense lawyer like Tad Nelson can do this for you.

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