Lawyering Up After Being Wrongfully Accused of Rape in Houston

Lawyering Up After Being Wrongfully Accused of Rape in Houston

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When I turned 21 I was super excited about going to my first party. I spent the day hanging out with friends, riding around in Houston, and we all went to get some alcohol for the party. The day went by and it was finally time to go to the party which was in the east Houston town of Baytown. We arrived at the party a little late but we got to spend a few hours hanging out with friends and some new folks that I did not know. The party was over at midnight and we all went home.

The Next Week

I really had a great time at the party even if all I did was talk to my friends and drank a few beers. I really did not think much about the party until the next week. I was at my job in Conroe (north of Houston) when a police car arrived and two Houston Police Department officers came into the store. They looked around and spoke with my boss. What happened next is something I will never forget!

A Case of Mistaken Identity?

Resources: Alleged Criminals Wrongfully Accused of Rape

Along with my boss, the officers approached me and informed me that I was under arrest for sexual assault. After I was taken down to the police station in handcuffs a detective started asking me questions about the party I attended. I told him that I was only there for a few hours and that I and my friends had a few beers and then went home. He told me that a girl who was at the party was raped. He informed me that rape was a serious charge and that the girl said that I was the one who raped her. I was shocked and I even started to cry.

Finally Getting Justice

The girl who said I raped her was a girl I had never seen before. I was so upset that she would say that I did such a horrible thing. In the state of Texas, you will get many years behind bars for such a serious felony. My parents hired a criminal justice attorney who came to the jail. He even hired a private attorney who looked into my case. After a few days, the girl who said I raped her changed her story. She was very afraid of her attacker and used my name when she was asked about being sexually assaulted. I was free to go home and very thankful that this nightmare was over. I feel very bad for the girl but I still to this day don’t know how she even knew my name.

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Fighting Heroin-Related Drug Charges in Houston

Fighting Heroin-Related Drug Charges in Houston

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The law on controlled substance such as heroin and opiates is quite severe in Texas. Possession of an amount less than one gram of any of the controlled drugs is punishable. Possession of the substances with intention to sell is even more serious, and may attract a greater penalty. Punishment is based on the amount of illegal substance found in your possession. If you’re charged with the offense of possession or delivery of heroin or opiates, you will need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you, and ensure that your rights are protected at all times.

A Look at Heroin Laws in Texas

Heroin is classified as a dangerous drug in the state of Texas, and therefore, possession and distribution of the drug is prohibited by the law.

Avoiding Jail After an Arrest for Heroin

Possession of amounts less than 1 gram is described as a jail felony and is punishable by a jail term. However, the legislation created a drug court program in 2001. The program is aimed at helping first time offenders convicted with the state jail felony. Through the program, nonviolent offenders are offered probation instead of jail time.

During the probation period, the offenders are taken through a treatment program to help eliminate drug dependence. The court will assess the offenders after the period, and may drop the charges if the candidates show positive changes. Possession and distribution of more than one gram of heroin is a third degree felony for 1 to 4 grams, second degree felony for 4 to 200 grams and for over 400 grams, it is a first degree felony. Possession with intention to sell over 400 grams may lead to life imprisonment.

Defenses for Heroin Possession & Distribution Cases

Criminal cases require the prosecution to prove criminal responsibility on the accused person beyond reasonable doubt. Any doubt on the criminal culpability of the defendant is a window of opportunity for the accused. Since the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, a good criminal lawyer will help build a strong defense for you.

Opiates and Texas Law

An opiate is a drug derived or related to opium. Morphine and codeine are some of the most common examples of opiates. Opiates are used as prescription drugs to help patients with acute pain. Only a doctor or a clinician is allowed by law to prescribe the drugs to a patient. The law however, prohibits prescription of opiates to patients who are on active treatment of cancer or receiving hospice care from a licensed hospice or palliative care. Any other form of use apart from the said prescription is prohibited and punishable by law. If you’re charged with illegal possession or distribution of opiates, you will need a criminal defense lawyer to represent you. The lawyer will look at the available defenses and help you build a strong defense.

Crimes of drug possession and distribution are very serious in Texas. Without a good criminal lawyer, you may not escape a conviction. If you’ve been arrested and/or facing any drug-related charges, it is best to contact a good criminal defense lawyer with the necessary experience to advise you accordingly, and to represent you in court.

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